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The Hartford Variable and Fixed Annuties

Usually known as The Hartford, The Hartford Financial services groups is one of the largest investment and insurance companies in America. The Hartford is a leading insurance provider with a wide variety of investment products, life insurance and benefits for groups. It has international Offices in Japan, Canada Brazil UK and Ireland. With over 200 years in business, it is known for its excellent operations and a helpful and experienced customer service.

In terms of insurance, The Hartford provides family and individual insurance coverage that include Auto insurance which has special benefits and features that will make the client’s life better. The auto insurance covers any expenses that will be incurred after the policy holder is injured in the car accident and comes with a lifetime car repair guarantee or new car replacement. The home insurance, offers a 100% protection plan that can be customized to fit the needs of the home owner. Life insurance coverage contains different policies which are meant for different individuals. The policy covers the analysis of the death benefit and policy costs but it will be guided by personal circumstances. Umbrella insurance provides additional cover after reaching the limits of the holder’s underlying policy. It covers additional costs incurred but largely depends with the situation and individual needs.

On Investment, the company provides a wide range of services. The Mutual funds are ranked from high risk and return to lower potential risk and return based on the fund investment style, historical performance and relative risks. Some of the mutual funds include the Global equity, Domestic Equity grouped into growth, blend and value, Hybrid, Fixed income grouped into taxable and non-taxable, The Hartford target retirement fund, allocation fund and closed End funds all with different subsections .

The company also offers a wide range of annuities. Variable annuities provide a way to supplement retirement income with a single investment that provides both predictable income and an opportunity to invest. It has three categories including The Hartford leaders Suites, The Director M suite and The Putnam Hartford Capital Manager Suite which have different policies.

Fixed annuities provide safety and guarantee that investments are not subjected to the volatility of the market as well as provide a guaranteed source of reliable retirement income. The guarantee is based on claims-paying ability of the company. The company offers fixed annuities including CRC select 111, Saver Certainty and Saver Max. Income annuities from Hartford can be customized to meet the retirement income needs of the individual. The client has the choice of a fixed or variable payout in varied payout periods.

Other services provided by The Hartford include college savings where the individual has three investment options. Individual fund option allows the individual to choose from the 14 fund options that could be customized with one or more funds. Static portfolios offer a diversified approach to achieving ling term savings goals. It has both high and low risk and return options. The Age based portfolios enables the individual to allocate asset within the four age based portfolios tailored for children The assets shift from one portfolio to another as the child grows.