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Prudential Fixed and Variable Annuities

In this age when saving for retirement is proving to be more crucial than ever due to the changes in pension schemes delivery and the fact that Social Security is not as reliable as it used to be, Prudential understands the importance of annuities. As such, they have a specialized team of experts who are trained to help you choose an annuity program that fits your specific needs and shapes up to your budget. With their team of outsourced portfolio managers, they are able to stay focused on the ultimate goal of securing your future and they do this to perfection. If you are looking for diversity in an annuity company, Prudential is able to deliver this and this can be testified by the fact that they offer diverse annuities. These include; variable annuities, fixed annuities, immediate annuities and modified guaranteed annuities.

Prudential thought about the hurdles that accompany long term retirement and to ensure that you do not spend the rest of your life relying on Social Security, they formed their variable annuities. Anyone who opts for this kind of annuity faces several benefits which accrue from it such as; protecting beneficiaries upon your demise, accessing investment options which are managed by professionals and the investment grows at a tax free rate. In addition to this, the variable annuity comes in five different series which include a, B series, C series, L series and an X series and each is tailor made to fit specific client needs.

For a retirement investment that offers a steady growth, Prudential fixed annuities is the most sensible plan. This comes along with an income options guarantee, tax deferment and in addition to this, within the first year of purchasing this annuity, your interest rate grows at a very rapid pace. This option is for people who are not conservative but are willing to venture into the world of securing their future and that of their loved ones.

Tailored to suit your needs and leaving you the choice to make the specifications on what you need done to your annuities is the immediate annuities. This option is governed by the principle of no accumulation place or very minimal if any and as such, as soon as you buy it, income payments are effected immediately. However, once you have purchased it, you can choose not to receive any payments for up to twenty years or more and it is flexible enough to permit changes you might deem necessary. Finally, you can opt for the modified guaranteed annuities which are not affected by fluctuations of equity markets. This is the best alternative to protecting your principal as it earns a fixed interest rate on the condition that you do not make any withdrawals before it matures.

All the products stated above are guaranteed to deliver only the best results because intensive research was conducted by Prudential before they decided to deliver them to you. Despite what else might be in the market, you can rest assured that they are passionately involved in making your retirement planning their priority and all this will be catered for by professionals.