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Minnesota Life Fixed and Variable Annuity Options

Minnesota Life is a company that consistently has one of the highest annuity rates and offers a lot of competitive annuity options for any type of investors be it those looking for the retirement security that a deferred fixed income annuity provides or a variable immediate annuity that allows you to benefit from a rising market, Minnesota Life has options for most investors.

Minnesota Life’s MultiOption Advisor annuity are variable annuities that features more than 50 investment options, so you can find something that works for you and your portfolio. It should be noted (and is noted on their website) that annuity options for the MultiOption Advisor annuity varies by state so you may find varying investment options depending on where you live.

SecureOption fixed annuities provide a guaranteed income rates that provide security for your investment in an uncertain economy. As of April 24, 2010 AnnuityAdvantage.com has one of the SecureOption rates at 3.95% which is one of the higher fixed annuity rates going today.