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Mass Mutual Variable and Fixed Annuities

Mass Mutual probably offers more annuities options than any other provider. You can get a concise overview of product/fund performance and regulatory documents all in a single viewing window on their website. The factors that you can see are unit values, monthly/quarterly performance values, fact sheets, summary prospectuses, prospectuses, and annual and semiannual reports. All very useful information.

The variable annuities, executive benefits, life insurance (variable), MassMutual Premier Funds, MassMutual Select Funds, and MassMutural IRA are all easy to see, cross-compare, and select from.

Mass Mutual has been an innovator in annuities since they first came out. The recognized financial strength of Mass Mutual is hard to deny.

The different types of annuities that Mass Mutual provides are classified as the following. There are deferred variable annuities which are constituted by Mass Mutual Transitions Select and Mass Mutual Evolution. There is a deferred fixed annuity which is classified as a Mass Mutual Odyssey and Odyssey Plus package comparison chart. There is an immediate annuity which is classified as a Mass Mutual Retire Ease, and a few other ones which are slight modifications on the annuities. Some of the annuities can be purchased with death and living benefits. Upon the death of someone who purchased the annuity, the person that the annuity owner had declared that he wanted the money given to will be paid out the income that would have been generated by the annuity. Mass Mutual is one of the only companies that does this. Some of the benefits that are attendant upon Mass Mutual annuities for living account holders include minimum benefits of accumulation, income prospectus guaranteed interest, and withdrawal exclusion proclivity

There are some downsides to purchasing annuities from Mass Mutual, and those include administration fees, management fees, mortality risk fees, expense risk fees, and surrender fees. You need to assess your goals and see if the benefits they offer outweigh the fees that they take.

The different company ratings organizations have rated Mass Mutual’s annuity services with the following designations, in case you are interested. A.M. gave it an A++ rating, Fitch Ratings gave it a AAA rating. Moody’s gave it an Aa1 rating. Standard & Poors gave it a AAA rating. The financial ratings for this company are generally strong across the board. No one can compare with Mass Mutual when it comes to the annuities that are tailored to your lifestyle choices. Other organizations merely offer annuities for different audiences, but Mass Mutual offers specific types of annuities that are custom suited to your particular life and investment goals. This is called the Mass Mutual journey, and it is the first step that you get involved in when you first start out with the Mass Mutual company on the Internet. This personal journey is a unique feature of the approach developed by Mass Mutual. There are not many other companies that offer such customization in their annuities. Taking a look at their website or speaking to one of their customer service representatives is surely a wise thing to do.