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List of Top Annuity Companies

One of the keys to successful annuity investing is finding the right company to buy annuities from. Annuities are “guaranteed” but a guarantee is only as good as the company that you invest with. What I mean by this is that no matter how good your fixed income annuity is, and no matter how good the guarantee behind it is, if the company goes out of business you are out of luck and even worse… out of your investment or retirement income.

So how do you choose what annuity company you go with? Well you need to do research and decide for yourself which company is best. I’m sure our regular readers here at Annuities Explained have noticed that we have been detailing a list of the top annuity companies and are providing some background information to get you started. We can’t decide for you whether these companies are good for your situation or not but we are happy to provide a kick start in your search.

Below is a list of annuity companies that we have or will profile so far (In alphabetical order)…

Again it bears repeating, only you can determine which of these annuity companies is the best for your situation so please take your time and do your homework on each of these companies.