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Lincoln National Fixed and Immediate Annuities

Lincoln has carved out a reputation as one of the best financial service organizations in the United States after undergoing dramatic realignment 20 years ago. Lincoln National is well aware that the best way for planning the future is to grow retirement savings. This can however only be achieved through annuities, which are basically long-term savings avenues designed to protect individual’s money on the way to retirement. The money is then turned into an income stream that’s hard to outlive.

Lincoln offers a wide array of annuities tailored to ensure that old people are well cushioned when it comes to retirement. One option is fixed annuities which provide a monthly pay out for a stipulated period of time and the best thing about them is that the earnings are not taxed until they are paid out. This option is best for investors seeking wealth preservation and those with low risk tolerance. There are also fixed indexed annuities which is are also tax differed and is primarily meant to protect against market downturns. This means that the account cannot fall with market fluctuations. It is however not an investment but an insurance product that best fits investors with immense growth potential.

Immediate annuities are also in offing whereby income payments can be fixed or adjusted annually depending on the outside index. The variable annuity also offered by Lincoln is one that offers multiple options for payout, which includes the income stream of life. This option is best for investors with a knack for risk tolerance and who seek maximum growth potential. The annuity also offers a monthly payout based on the variable interest rate, which depends on market performance of the portfolio one chooses.

Lincoln National always bears in mind that one’s financial security could more greatly affect one’s loved ones than it could the individual himself. Lincoln’s life insurance offers protection from any unforeseen risks while giving one the power to leverage assets so that one is in a position to accomplish more. The types of life insurance offered are term life, universal life, link benefit life and variable universal life. Universal life allows one to set the amount of death benefit while the policy is still in operation, through the underwriting approval. The linked benefit covers long term care expenses if one needs it and also provides death benefit or a return on the initial premium. The variable universal life is a policy that has a potential to grow the cash value depending on market performance of the underlying portfolio.

Lincoln National keeps in mind millions of citizens working in small, mid-size and large companies in the country by offering a good selection of group retirement plans to help them create their retirement nest eggs early in life. Lincoln also offers a wide array of non-medical group insurance solutions to help employees make the most optimal use of assets while preparing for retirement. The plans are highly flexible and include Short-term and long-term liability, voluntary products, Vision, Employee assistance programs, Group Administrative Guidelines, Dental, as well as Exec-U-Care.