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John Hancock Annuities

John Hancock knows all too well about the importance of their annuities and for this very reason has specially designed a website that is entirely devoted to their annuities. They have a wide range of annuities that consist of variable products, retirement planning, performance and portfolios, a learning center as well as forms in which one can get more information about annuities and how they are handled. The annuities allow you to continue growing your retirement savings without being exposed to the unpredictable fluctuations after retirement and thus creating a life time income.

Retirement needs really need to be addressed with extreme care and John Hancock provides these solutions that will ensure that all goes well when the time comes. The best place to start learning about how John Hancock annuities work is the Annuity Note overview. The primary goal of this is to give the investor an opportunity to start growing retirement savings without necessarily having to expose their base investment to the unpredictable market fluctuations that can strike after retirement. The strategy is premised on allowing one to stay afloat in the market and is also one of the most elaborate ways of protecting future income from any downturns that might hit the market economy. The specialty of John Hancock’s Annuity Note is that it serves as a variable annuity that offers the investor the unique ability to generate lifetime income that is immune to market down turns.

The investment of the Annuity Note is done in a fund that has diverse portfolio, designed based on the individual’s risk tolerance, which gives you market exposure and the rare potential to easily build money on a less risky tax-deferred basis. To start receiving stable income from the investment, you have to leave money in the Annuity Note for a period of five years regardless of the prevailing market conditions. This kind of annuity is usually preferred by many people simply because it is not affected by market conditions.

John Hancock annuities also come with a guaranteed performance as well as a positive growth factor that you can rely on if they have a fixed annuity. This kind of contract is a long term one and usually occurs between an individual and the insurance company. It comes backed by the insurance company’s regulations to annuity owners on this policy. It is important to note the fact that fixed annuities are basically tax deferred but they are attached to potential consequences and deferred sales charges that might occur as a result of an early withdrawal.

The best way in which one can earn the maximum amount possible in a risk free annuity is to leave money in a fixed annuity for the longest time possible. Market value adjustment can however be done with any amount of annuity although this is largely dependent on the formula devised to respond to the interest rate movements in the market. The adjustment should be reflective of the change in interest rates from the time of the investment to the time of withdrawal. All the withdrawals that are made at the end of the stipulated term or those done in the 30-day window before the close of the term are however not subject to any kind of statutory fees and this is something that is incredibly unique and peculiar to John Hancock.