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Jefferson National Variable Annuities

Jefferson National is more than your average financial adviser and this is attributed to the fact that the advisers working here help you understand the urgency of investing in annuities more than depending on the 401(K) or personal IRA for future dependency. This is mainly because if you are looking forward to creating long term wealth, then you have to understand that these two are taxed and as such, they lower your savings in the long run. Unlike with other annuity companies, what Jefferson National offers you is the tools needed to make comparisons on investing in taxable accounts and investing in tax deferred account through MAX comparison tools.

Though you have some sound knowledge on investments, Jefferson National understands how daunting managing a portfolio is and as such, they are dedicated to ensure that they keep you on top of the market conditions. They are also able to tailor the annuity provision to suit to your needs while evaluating every financial investment with the qualified eyes of an objective advisor. In addition to this, they will also ensure that they evaluate any risks you might face in the investment process and advice you accordingly.

One of the major annuities offered at Jefferson National is the variable annuity which will increase your savings in an exponential manner. There are several aspects which make this annuity suitable for all kinds of investors and key among them is the ability to put into the portfolio an unlimited contribution. The second advantage is the fact that it is tax-deferred which means that at the end of the day, you will be saving more than if you were in a taxable program. The third advantage which is equally important as the first two is the fact that with a variable annuity from Jefferson National, you are able to choose the manner in which you prefer to contribute towards your investment.

Though there are other companies that offer annuities, with Jefferson National, a distinct difference is noted as theirs, which is a Monument advisor trump offers a flat insurance fee of twenty dollars a month regardless of the invested amount. In addition to this, they will offer countless fund options which cannot be found at any other non qualified annuity provided in the market today and which cover a variety of asset groups. Jefferson Nationals variable annuity also ensures that they do not charge any sale commissions on the product and as such, eradicate all the nonsensical issues that clients face dealing with sales people. If you want to join this annuity program, you also have to note that you do not have to pay any insurance based fees nor do you have to worry about hidden fees in the structure because all you need to do is pay investment management fee.

Jefferson National appears has your best interests at heart and as such, you should not contend with saving for your future with taxable programs that make you lag behind with your investment. Consult Jefferson and start experiencing future financial freedom today.