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Integrity Life Fixed and Variable Annuities

The Integrity Life Insurance Company is the ideal guide to a clear financial path. This is a company that offers incredible products and services that help consumers to develop a sense of direction and ambition in their financial lives. The company also assists consumers to understand the risks the future might bring. Integrity Life is member of the Western and Southern Financial Group. It has been there for a period of more than 40 years of service and experience in Insurance matters. The places at which the company is based include: New York, New Hampshire and Vermont. The services are evenly distributed by a team of incredible financial professionals.

The Annuities offered by Integrity Life

Whether you are saving to build a home or pay fee for your education, Integrity Life will always be there to assist you on your way towards achieving your financial goals. Those who have retired have enjoyed the sweetness of making good investments by the services of Integrity Life. The company also offers consumers and clients with innovative plans and designs that provide you with a wide range of choices for product features.

Other options offered include: investment options, guarantees and portfolio managers. Integrity Life offers both variable and fixed annuities. The variable annuities include: Avant Edge, Annui Choice II, PINNACLE V and PINNACLEplus. The fixed annuities include: IncomeSource, MOMENTUM advantage, NewMOMEMTUM and SPDA Series II.

Advant Edge

The Advant Edge is a highly flexible premium. Being highly flexible, the premium offers a wide range of investment options. It is of the L-share kind and variable in nature. The Advant Edge premium is characterized by two death benefit options; one enhanced and one standard. It also offers asset rebalancing and allocation. In addition, a ten percent annual withdrawal allowance that is non-cumulative is offered.

AnnuiChoice II

The AnnuiChoice II is also featured by flexibility and variability. This particular premium also has two options. One is either required to select a choice from a wide variety of financial portfolio or select one of the 5 options of the fixed guarantees.


PINNACLE V offers a good range of classes of assets from the professional money managers. Like the AnnuiChoice, it also offers the fixed guarantee option rates. Funds are allocated to a great range of various variable portfolios that give support to varying degrees of risk tolerance. In addition to that, it also offers a death guarantee benefit, an annual withdrawal allowance and portfolio transfer every year.


This particular annuity features a 5 percent credit contribution in the first year and credit plus. The two flexible options maintain a fixed interest rate and at the same time systematically transfer the revenue to variable or fixed portfolio. PINNACLEplus also offers a wide range of options for investing good money, from the professional money managers. Others include: guaranteed rates and asset allocation.

Integrity Life offers products, services and annuities to numerous States. Some of the states included are: Indiana, Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and more.