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EquiTrust Index and Fixed Annuities

EquiTrust Financial Services is an investment company that provides annuities to prospective clients for their short term needs and long term goals with relevancy to particular requests and different levels of flexible payments. It has mutual funds that are highly rated as the basis for continuous growth of an investment. This product is the right engine for the improvement of a business no matter its level only needing constant funding to develop with noticeable versatility in a risk free environment. EquiTrust Financial Services has been in the investment field for over 60 years that has seen it grow in provision of fixed and traditional annuities.

In bonus indexed annuities, the company offers MarketTwelve Bonus Index which is an annuity with a 12% bonus that takes a period of three years. It comes with an array of accounts which are either fixed-rate or those with indexes that are paid through one premium. MarketPower Bonus Index is another one premium indexed annuity that offers a 10% bonus of remission in its first year of annuity. It has a fixed-rate account and other index accounts. MarketBooster Index is an annuity product that has no fixed premium that offers a 7% bonus over a period of two years. The bonus is divisible into three payment periods of 4% at application date together with the premium whereas 2% is applicable to the end of first year and1% at the close of the second year of the investment.

Index annuity products include MarketValue Index Is an index based annuity covering a period of 10 years governed by a non-fixed premium. It incorporates fixed-rate and five index-based accounts. It is also gives Income for Life Rider in states with favorable investment jurisdictions. Another index product is the MarketSeven Index with similar annuities as the MarketValue Index but covers a period of 10 years with a changeable premium.

Multi-year Guarantee Annuity offers two products including Certainty Select and Certainty. Certainty Select has four-time guarantee durations and is serviceable with one premium with an accumulative value agreement until the demise of the investor. The applicant has the right to withdraw their cumulative interest whereas the cost free alternative rider extends 10% free withdrawals. The contract ends at death with a cash surrender remittance. Certainty annuity covers only some states in the United States. It comes with an option of four guarantee periods. Annulled at death with a cash surrender value, Certainty allows uncharged withdrawals of 10% from the second anniversary of the agreement onward.

In Traditional Fixed Annuity, ChoiceFour product is offered, which features a single premium immediate annuity with varying interest rates that are determined annually. A single Premium Immediate Annuity featuring the Confidence Income Annuity is a single -premium product that allows flexibility in the choice of payments. One can opt for a fixed period contract of between five to twenty years or Single Life that consists of payment inclusive of, or exempted from fixed period from five to twenty years. A Joint Life is similar to the Single Life only that payment can or will be reduced in one or both lives.