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Axa Equitable Fixed and Variable Annuity Offerings

Axa Equitable is a company that has been providing millions of customers with life insurance annuities and other products since 1859. The longevity of Axa Equitable puts them ahead of its competitors who claim to offer annuities. The company has immense experience in this field and customers continue to seek their services as far as annuities and other needs based products are concerned.

Before you review the different types of annuities offered by Axa Equitable, it is good that your first learn what annuities are and how they work. Basically, an annuity is a long term retirement product which is designed with an aim of preventing you from outliving your assets. In other words, it is like a contract between an individual and an insurance company whereby, the individual receives future income in return for making contributions to the insurance company. Any earnings and contributions made are not taxed unless when one is withdrawing and this is usually during retirement.

The fact that Axa Equitable has been around for so long means that their annuities are among the most sought after. Suffice it to say that annuities have several benefits and customers at Axa Equitable are always advised accordingly before opting for any of them. Benefits include the fact that one receives retirement income payments as long as they are alive. In case of one’s death, the beneficiaries are protected by a death benefit. Another important benefit of annuities is that it diversifies one’s investment and this reduces chances of over relying on one form of investment.

There are different types of annuities that are offered by Axa Equitable. The first one is the fixed annuity and it has a guaranteed principal, interest and renewal rates. It is also an annuity which benefits your spouse and other beneficiaries in case of death. Like many other annuities, the fixed annuities are not taxed too and this provides opportunities for growth.

The second type of annuity offered includes immediate annuities. These types of annuities offered by Axa Equitable ensure that one gets regular income now and for life. This type of annuity comes with other benefits like having distribution options, ability to chose contract types, you can even postpone taxes and the usual tax benefits. However, in this type of annuity there are no withdrawals, unless it is agreed upon.

There are also variable annuities and these have growth potential from investment portfolios. This type of annuity has tax benefits which protect the individual’s beneficiaries and there is also a death benefit.

Lastly, Axa Equitable also offers employer sponsored retirement plans. This is a type of annuity offered through employers. It is available for employees of non profit organizations and educators.

You should take time and understand what all annuities by the company entail, as there are contract limitations and other charges associated with annuities. Besides, amounts for some annuities are subject to fluctuation in value, which means one must be fully briefed and aware before deciding.