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Aviva Deferred and Immediate Annuity Options

Aviva is one company that makes it super-easy to purchase annuities because their management of annuities is so flawless. Some of the examples of the annuities forms they have on their website to download and help you process your annuities are the electronic funds transfer form, request for service form, required minimum distribution request form, systematic withdrawal form, transfer of ownership form, trust verification form, W-9 taxpayer id form, withdrawal or surrender form, and more to help you make the management of your annuities as precise, detailed, and perfectionist as you are about managing your finances. In other words, Aviva gets it. You want to have perfect control over your annuities.

Aviva offers select annuities categories that appeal to different types of audiences. There is the immediate annuity is an individual putting a lump sum of money away and then having a guaranteed stream of income immediately. This is a great deal for old people. People are living longer these days. This income would be guaranteed for the life of an individual. This is a great advantage.

An index annuity allows the interest to be calculated based on the movement of the index in the stock market, but the principal is not affected by the movements in the market. A traditional annuity is small, but a better annuity is an index annuity that gives you the potential to earn a lot more.

A deferred annuity is a place where you have set a certain amount of money and you are watching it grow. After a certain amount of time, you are guaranteed income that you can take out of that. You don’t have to pay taxes on the interest you earn until you make a withdrawal. The flexibility to make withdrawals from time to time helps you cover expenses as you need them. There is also a death benefit to a deferred annuity. You can leave it there, watch it grow, and in the event of a death, pass it on to a family. Giving your family everything that you can give them with your annuity is one reason that the deferred annuity is such a good deal.

What else can Aviva annuities do for you? Couples can set aside money into an annuity and the plan would be to use it when they retire so that they can live in the lifestyle that they were accustomed to before they retired. Sometimes, children come along, and the annuities can come in useful then so they can go to college or whatever they want to do to further their lifestyle in a manner that is befitting them. The annuity can be used for whatever they want so that if a daughter has an education that she needs to be paid for the annuity can be deferred to the education fund of the children. There are other big expenses with having children like weddings and helping them with buying a home. These are all things that annuities can help finance.